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Located in Canggu – Bali, at Motion Cafe you will find a huge variety of fresh and organic food. We offer vegan and paleo friendly options and have our own coffee blend. We support local farmers and use whenever possible organic products. Every dish is arranged with a purpose: All the vegetables and fruits are combined so that your body can absorb the vitamins the best way possible. All our dessert and snacks are homemade and most of them are gluten free or vegan.

We care for our environment and sustainability is important for us. That’s why we only use glass straws, have our own colourful reusable napkins and use as less plastic as possible. Even our glasses are recycled from old vodka bottles.

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Weekly Menu

The best solution for an overall healthy body is the combination of fitness and nutrition, but preparing and cooking can be stressful and needs a lot of time. With our food delivery service you not only save your valid time, but also get the best nutrition for your body.

Every week we offer a new weekly menu with a specific topic like paleo, omega3, high protein etc. All our dishes are rich in vitamins and minerals and balanced in their combination of ingredients.

Fresh, organic, high quality food, easy delivered wherever you are. You can easily order online and even add any food intolerances you might have or foods you don’t like. We will create a menu that is perfect for your needs.

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